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Unrefined, Unprocessed Elements

are fused with cutting edge concepts to create pure homes with distinct purpose, durability and connectivity to their natural environment.


Uncomplicated and Artfully Imperfect

made of material matter from the earth.
Matter; the substance of which an object consists of (wood, paper, metal, stone, glass, fiber) is renewable, rescued and/or responsible; then consciously crafted into products for each human habitat.


Designed in Plain, Primitive Fashion

drawing on principles from our prehistoric past to redefine human homes today. Forgo all non-necessities in order to live a more simplified, meaningful life with less stuff!

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Frame to Fork


“From the framing of the walls, down to the forks in the drawers, Haas Habitats are made of rescued, renewable and/or responsible matter from the earth. LEED, Green Built, Passivhaus, Net Zero and PGH (Pretty Good House) inspired.”

Jenny Haas

I design, develop, style and sell sustainable spaces. Follow me on my own personal journey in search of a more purposeful, simplified life while navigating a cluttered world.

This is my blog.