Jenny Haas – Founder

Jenny has a long standing passion for sustainable design and development. Her holistic approach incorporates a comprehensive set of preferred green principles and practices from the framing of the walls down to the forks in the drawers for every project. As past owner of Wildwoods Reforestation Inc.; a company responsible for the replanting of over 40 million seedlings in remote helicopter access cut blocks in the northern Canadian wilderness; Jenny experienced first hand how conventional building practices impact the land. Jenny draws inspiration from her past rural mountain hometowns of Banff AB, Fernie BC, and Whistler BC, Canada; where skiing and mountain biking is a way of life, and clean air is abundant. She currently lives in Lake Placid, New York alongside her children, Forest Ranger husband, Brooklyn (cat) and dog named Bark.

Western University; Sociology
Kwantlen University College; Foundations in Design
Malaspina University College; Applied Arts In Interior Design

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Bill Haas (P.Eng.,O.A.A.) – Creator

Each Haas Habitat is architecturally devised and copyrighted by William Haas (P.Eng.,O.A.A.). William was a true pioneer in the multidisciplinary design world. He was part of an elite group who achieved professional standing in the twin disciplines of both Engineering and Architecture. As a licensed Civil Engineer and Architect, Bill achieved aesthetic proficiency as well as structural practicality and durability in all of his innovative designs. His 50 year professional history and portfolio speaks for itself and includes hundreds of high rise apartment and condominium buildings, shopping centers, commercial complexes, non profit housing developments, churches, multiplex residential projects and single family residences.

His role in the design development of each Haas Habitat design is the result of professional collaboration between father and daughter that will be forever cherished.

I fuse raw elements with cutting edge style to create uncomplicated spaces that have distinct purpose, durability and connectivity to our natural world. My designs are strategically understated and simplistic in nature; derived from a pragmatic approach to interior design. I believe that smaller spaces are immeasurably smarter because they allow occupants to voluntarily forgo all non necessities in order to live a more simplified, meaningful life with less stuff.
Frame to fork; I cover every detail from the selection of structural and finishing materials down to the forks in the drawers in order to provide a holistic (whole building) interior design service.
I work closely with select partners whose green building and design practices are closely aligned with mine. Sustainability is not only a portion of my design practice; but a foundation for every project I undertake. I am committed to designing LEED certified spaces; thereby contributing to our planet’s well being; not depleting it.