Kitchens enable us to cook; an act of enjoyment that nourishes and rejuvenates our bodies. Cooking provides us self reliance and eliminates our dependence on chemically laden, processed foods and excessive sugar.

Despite our awareness of the merits of adopting a cleaner, whole food diet; we sometimes fall short on our healthy cooking goals because we lack the tools for implementing substantial, lasting change.

Evaluate what basic tools are required to butcher, brew, bake, steam, ferment, sprout and grow food. Popular prehistoric (Paleo) inspired diets can be achieved with ease if we take lessons from the past. Perhaps we don’t need every imaginable fancy utensil or slice and dice gadget. Keep only the tools that are needed for whole food preparation and cooking, then get rid of the rest.

Reform the heart of your home by resetting your kitchen’s pulse.

Change your kitchen in order to change the way you cook.

It is an engaging, transformational process that is achieved by a series of 10 simple steps.


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