Energy is the “power derived from the utilization of physical or chemical resources to provide heating, cooling and lighting mechanisms.” Haas Habitats employ energy efficient practices that reduce greenhouse gas emissions by specifying systems and products that embody the least amount of energy to power, heat, vent, exhaust and light.

Superior Energy Star operating systems and passive solar orientation equate to the reduction of fossil fuels burned on site, reduced air leakage, elimination of CFC’s ( chlorocarbon gases) and allow occupants to achieve self sufficiency off grid goals while maintaining minimal operating costs.

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The best way to heat a habitat, is to design one that requires the least amount of it. Aside, we choose supplemental heating sources that utilize the least amount of fossil fuels and wood consumption.
Our Preferred Partner – Rinnai



To provide fresh air to a room, while removing contaniments and excess moisture.
Our Preferred Partner – Life Breath



Essential element for humans. CFL ( compact fluorescent lights) and LED ( light emitting diodes) are energy efficient, last longer and save money.
Our Preferred Partner – AM Conservation Group