Unfiltered narrative with unrefined elements. Life is an impermanent, unpredictable process with a wide range of surly situations alongside monumental moments of joy. Our homes should support the fluidity of life with a complimentary perspective and aesthetic; not be a hinderance or road block. Haas Habitats focus on accepting the progression of life by creating supportive spaces that have distinct, deep sensitivity to the natural processes of simplicity & imperfection.



Uncomplicated & naturally imperfect. Humans have an inherent, evolutionary inclination to affiliate with their natural environment. It is vital that we maintain a respectful relationship to the world beyond ourselves of which we are a part. The power of this positive relationship can enhance human health and encourage serious sustainable solutions for our earth. Haas Habitats enhance codependent human memberships within meaningful natural communities by adopting and applying Biophilic Design principles. Biophilic goes beyond green design; it seeks to satisfy our species’s inherent adaptations to nature by integrating essential elements of the earth into the built environment to go beyond stringent sustainable design strategies that are considered just good or bad. Essential Elements tree, plant, sand, metal, rock, animal are universally energetic material matter of the earth. Balancing these elements within an interior realm can transform it by bringing the indoors out with an abundance of natural light, exceptional degree of greenery, fresh air, natural materials and wide open spaces with seamless indoor/outdoor transitions. There are measurable health benefits attributed to blending our biologic and built environments in order to soothe and support our senses which can result in reducing stress, igniting curiosity, increasing productivity, enhancing creativity alongside lowering hormone and physical fatigue levels. This is turn can contribute to to our ability to attain a just and satisfying existence within our homes.



A fundamental change to address and affect the major essence of what we call home. Designed and developed differently; Haas Habitats incorporate a series of strategic steps to incorporate sustainable building specifications and solutions. Prefabricated parts alongside custom components take the confusion and chaos out of conventional building in order to deliver a predictable process and better build. This translates into true cost savings, transparency, quality management, durability, energy efficiency, water conservation, less waste and reduced time lines. Despite these efforts; we acknowledge that all human homes transform our natural environment in the process of inhabiting it and that no product is perfect. Therefore it is essential that we continually evolve and educate ourselves on the road to carbon neutral and zero waste in order to achieve higher goals of protecting and preserving our earth.