Human homes have evolved from primitive caves into complex structures full of stuff. Findings published in the Canadian Journal of Archeology detail excavations at Riparo Bombrini ( a collapsed rock shelter from the Neanderthal period 30,000 years ago) and illustrate that caves were organized and purposeful domestic spaces required for survival but also improved their inhabitant’s quality of life while only containing the bare necessities.
We draw on these simplistic principles from our prehistoric past in order to redefine human homes of today and to determine how much furniture we truly need.

Furniture includes cabinets, closets, appliances and actual pieces.

Cabinets and closets consume a great deal of space. They contain stuff such as tools, articles, essentials, treasures, gear, clothing and supplies that keep us fed, covered, clean, warm, dry and happy. Take inventory of your stuff to determine how much you truly need to live. It’s less than you think.

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Imagine having a designated place within a drawer or on a shelf for every single item that you use in your home. It’s possible.
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Implement a capsule collection of clothing and footwear. Condense your wardrobe into a select amount of functional essentials for your body.
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Energy star rated, top rated for efficiency and ease.
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Sofas, tables, beds, art and mirrors can all be lifelong investments. Quality over quantity.
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