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This has been a long time coming, a reveal of my own home and life on social platforms. Writing has always been a restorative remedy and a means of peeling back the layers of my life with raw honesty, rustic imagery and radical reflections. I often find myself in surly situations that require putting pen to paper. Other moments are enriching experiences that continually lead me down this adventurous, joyous and often chaotic path that is my life. And life, I suppose, is worth sharing.

I fuse unrefined, unprocessed elements with cutting edge concepts to create harmonious human habitats that have distinct purpose, durability and low impact connectivity to their natural environment. From the framing of the walls, down to the forks in the drawers; I incorporate frame to fork green products that are consciously crafted of matter from the earth.

Designing natural homes is an ever evolving, creative journey that I continually embark on, never tiring of. Human homes should be a inner reflection of their inhabitants; not a showcase of trendy aesthetics. I believe that our homes are sacred and more than simply a structure; they are a biological community between humans and their environment.

I love my brilliant son, charismatic daughter, forest ranger husband, supportive family, fabulous friends, scottish fold cat (Brook) and small dog named Bark.

I am passionate about British Columbia, Adirondack mountains, Anderson Lake, powder skiing, mountain biking, yoga, extreme knitting, sewing, camping, dinner parties, kale, trees, barns, writing and walking in the woods with Bark.


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