Complimentary interconnectivity of our biologic and built environments enhances human health alongside encouraging serious sustainable solutions for the earth.

This connection is critical for improving our mental and physical well being by soothing and supporting our senses which can result in reducing stress, igniting curiosity, increasing productivity and creativity alongside lowering stress hormone and physical fatigue levels.

Conventional design and building ideologies have a staggering negative impact on the earth that includes: loss of biological diversity, natural resource depletion, pollution and atmospheric degradation. Sustainable design solutions of today have incorporated strategies to address water conservation, energy efficiency, reducing pollution, recycling and integrating rapidly renewable materials but lack an emotional component of our species’s inherent affiliation to the earth for our very existence. The power of this positive relationship to create crucial connections between humans and the earth can result in true lasting change.

Biophillic Design principles depend on human consciousness of this critical connection to nature instead of just implementing stringent sustainable design strategies that are considered bad or good.

In order to adopt and apply Biophillic Design; Haas Habitats affectively implement natural elements from the natural world and apply them into an interior realm.