Haas Habitats have a high performing efficient protective outer case with select interior coverings to achieve Energy Star’s highest standard for a high efficiency thermal shell to ensure minimum air leakage and ultimate energy efficiency.

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Roof shingles have long lasting durability and solar capabilities to capture sunlight and convert into free electricity. Power from above.
Our Preferred Partner – Tesla



Air barrier wrap system provides the ultimate in energy efficiency, controls air leakage, enhances insulation performance and provides a high efficiency shell. Made with a non toxic, recyclable, non CFC material.
Our Preferred Partner – Home Guard



Soy based polyurethane closed cell spray foam insulation. Or alternatively; bio-composite material mixture of hemp hurds and lime. It is energy efficient, renewable, non toxic, breathable and carbon negative.
Our Preferred Partner – Demilec



Aesthetically strikingly composite wall paneling is extremely durable and cut on site to eliminate waste.
Our Preferred Partner – AL 13