Unparalleled, copyrighted design by: William Haas (former P. Eng., O.A.A.); licensed Civil Engineer and Architect, and Jenny Haas; principle Interior Designer. Bill was a true pioneer in the multidisciplinary design world for over fifty years and part of an elite group who achieved professional standing in the twin disciplines of both engineering and architecture. Derived from Bill’s highly complex, commercial portfolio; alongside Jenny’s passion and long standing commitment to sustainable design; came a big idea for a small space.

Strategically smart, small, simple and sustainable.

Environmental footprint less than 2000 sf. It’s uncomplicated form includes: insulated slab construction, mono pitched roof with extended overhangs, single span joists, multi-functional spaces, passive solar principles, and seamless indoor / outdoor transitions.

See Inside a Haas Habitat



Insulated concrete form foundation with heated slab on grade and polished concrete floors.
Our Preferred Partner – The Perfect Block



Specific arrangement of wall, roof, stair and floor parts have identifiable recycled elements and purposeful boundaries. Components are prefabricated off site with zero waste, then assembled on site in order to ensure quality and eliminate a costly or lengthy construction process.
Our Preferred Partner – Bone Structure



Superior Energy Star rated windows are made from highly durable Fibrex material with reclaimed wood content.

Our Preferred Partner – Anderson Windows



Premium operable glass wall system truly captures a seamless indoor / outdoor transition.
Our Preferred Partner – Nana Wall, Eccodoors



A sculptural masterpiece to go up or down.
Our Preferred Partner – Elmwood Reclaimed Timber



Recycled, durable composite material.
Our Preferred Partner – Trex