We pledge to significantly reduce the amount of water used in every Haas Habitat in order to preserve precious surface and groundwater resources for all species on earth.

We do this by designing a centralized, conservation plumbing core plan that utilizes: insulated water pipes, rain water catch system and ultra low flow rate fixtures that exceed EPA Water Sense regulations in order to not waste a drop.

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Ultra low flow fixtures exceed EPA Water Sense regulations.
Our Preferred Partner – AM Conservation Group



Bathroom sinks are handcrafted with premium quality from natural stone composite material. Kitchen sinks have distinct function, durability, space saving elements and reclaimed stainless steel.
Our Preferred Partner – Wet Style



Lowest gallon per flush on the market at .8gpf.
Our Preferred Partner – Niagra Conservation



A sculptural centerpiece; the freestanding tub is handcrafted with premium quality from an eco-friendly natural stone composite material.
Our Preferred Partner – Wet Style



A seamless way to clean. WET STYLE natural stone base with integrated linear style hidden drain.
Our Preferred Partner – Wet Style



Whole house filtration system to ensure the highest water quality for human consumption.
Our Preferred Partner – Aquasana