I am a designer & developer of natural homes.

I fuse cutting edge concepts alongside unrefined elements to create harmonious human habitats that have distinct purpose, durability and connectivity to their natural environment. 

My long standing passion and commitment for sustainable design and development incorporates a comprehensive set of preferred green principles and practices. I work closely with select partners and products whose green building practices are closely aligned with mine. Sustainability is not only a portion of my design practice; but a foundation for every project I undertake. I am committed to designing LEED, NET ZERO, ENERGY STAR and PGH (Pretty Good House) certified spaces; thereby contributing to our planet’s well being; not depleting it.


Designing natural homes is an ever evolving, creative journey that I cherish and continually embark on, never tiring of. I believe that human homes should be an inner reflection of who their inhabitant’s truly are. Home is a sacred space. More than simply a structure; Haas Habitats are a biological community between humans and their environment. A place to live, grow and forest bathe.


I love my brilliant son, charismatic daughter, forest ranger husband, supportive family, fabulous friends, British Columbia, Adirondack mountains, Scottish Fold cat & small dog named Bark.


My passions include powder skiing, mountain biking, yoga, extreme knitting, sewing, barns, ultra rustic abodes, camping, dinner parties, kale, tall trees, writing and walking in the woods with Bark.

Western University; Sociology
Kwantlen University; Foundations in Interior Design
Vancouver Island University; Applied Arts in Interior Design



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